Advance Graphic & Design
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Students will continue to explore in an increasingly independent manner, the principles of design and layout procedures relating to the field of graphic design. Content will cover electronic systems and software programs used in graphic design, page composition, image conversion, and digital printing. Knowledge and skills in digital design and imaging will be enhanced through experiences that simulate the graphic design industry and school-based and work-based learning opportunities. This is the final course in the Graphic Design pathway.


Unit Writing Assignment > Why Grades Aren’t Everything

Unit Title > Product Planning & Development

Goal: To understand the importance of careful product planning and development for a business.


  1. To examine the nature and scope of product planning.
  2. To analyze the steps in the product development process.
  3. To distinguish between the width and depth of product lines.
  4. To identify the elements of a product mix.
  5. To recognize the importance of product research and monitoring.

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