Digital Resources

This document provides a list of resources that will be used to support students during an extended District initiated physical absence from school. We understand face to face instruction provides the best opportunity to ensure content mastery, however we place great value in the proven digital resources that are shared below to act as a secondary response to instruction.  The following outlines the times that students should be accessing digital resources along with additional “digital office hours” for teacher support. In addition, a list of the primary resources to access assignments is provided along with some support resources that students can use to support content mastery.

Department:  CTAE

Content: Intro to Graphic Arts, Graphic Design and Production, Advanced Graphic Design 

Daily Student Work Hours: 10:30am-12:00 

Content Office Hours: 8 am- 9am 

Digital Resources links: Mr. Wardlaw 

Schoology Codes 

Advance Graphic & Design 1st Block — HX48-ZZ57-XSWXV > Click this Link

Graphic Design and Production 1st Block — BB2Q-DRQK-VTZ9T > Click this link

Intro to Graphics 2nd block – 3D7G-JRGG-FBSV4 > Click this link

Intro to Graphics 3rd Block – XW7X-MWPR-228RH > Click this link