At its most basic level, graphic design is a creative process that combines the visual arts and technology to communicate ideas. It begins with a message that, in the hands of a talented designer, is transformed into visual communication that evokes an emotion.

This is a blog dedicated to the love of graphic design and to introduce students to the creative process of design.

IGD > 1

Course Content #48.5610099

This is the first level course in graphic design, and requires creative problem solving. Student growth develops from a solid understanding of elements and principles of design. Students will continue to work toward Industry Certification, and will an End of Pathway Exam.


Unit Writing Assignment > What is the Difference Between Type and Lettering?

Unit Title > Unit 2 | Typography

Guiding Question(s)

  • What is typography and how does it effect design, communication, and function?


  • Students will…
  • Analyze the role of typography in everyday life;
  • Explain the effects of functional typography
  • Identify experiences or products that need typographic redesign.

GDP > 2

Course Content > 48.5620099

This is the second level course in graphic design and is completely project based. Students will gain experience in creative problem solving, and will have an opportunity to begin working toward Industry Certification. Rotation groups will be assigned for screen printing, and collaboration for projects is encouraged!


Unit Writing Assignment > What is Design?

Unit Title > Unit 2 | Copyright

Guiding Questions

What is the difference between copyright and fair use?


Students will …

  • Understand the importance of copyright and fair use

AGD > 3

Advance Graphic & Design

Course Content > 48.5620099

Students will continue to explore in an increasingly independent manner, the principles of design and layout procedures relating to the field of graphic design. Content will cover electronic systems and software programs used in graphic design, page composition, image conversion, and digital printing. Knowledge and skills in digital design and imaging will be enhanced through experiences that simulate the graphic design industry and school-based and work-based learning opportunities. This is the final course in the Graphic Design pathway.


Unit Writing Assignment > What is Design?

Unit Title > File Management
Levels > Advanced Graphic Design

  • Guiding Question(s):
  • Why is saving and organizing files important?


  • Students will …
  • Understand the importance of file management.
  • Explore the process of saving and organizing files.